1982. Barcelona. Yago Partal had it clear in his mind that he wanted a life dedicated to creativity. He spent a big part of his childhood among drawing blogs and encyclopaedias of fauna. After a few years in a drawing and painting academy (1990 -1998), he earned his high school diploma with a focus on Arts and then started Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona. It was then when he started, along with Manel Soto, his first business, a graphic design studio with projects for companies like Filmax, Chesterfield International, Sitges Film Festival and Canal+, and specialized in photography (2001-2007).
After this period, he focused on photography and developed his first conceptual series and video works. Shortly after, he joined the company DDT SFX (Academy Award for Pan’s Labyrinth) as a conceptual designer doing work for films like Pedro Almodovar’s “The Skin I Live In” and J. A. Bayona’s “The Impossible”.
In 2013 he founded Nieve, an audiovisual production company which has helped him develop photography and video projects in the fields of architecture, fashion, advertisement and music videos, along with a team of professionals that have also joined the company. That same year he created a collection of digital illustrations called Zoo Portraits (www.zooportraits.com), consisting of anthropomorphic animal depictions, that went viral online, reaching the world press in a very short time (Huffington Post, Time Out, CBS News, Daily Mail, ABC News, Daily Record, among others). The collection was developed with Isabelle Bazsó as Brand manager, and it is currently a registered trademark and independent project granting permits to other partner companies to commercially use the images on their products. The project also starts an approach to raise awareness and protect the animal kingdom with the help of organizations already working in the field, which gives Yago Partal the opportunity to become involved in his other big passion: the animal kingdom.

SPAIN – Apr/Jun 2016 – “Luz Profunda” – Rec. Modernista Sant Pau – Barcelona, Spain.
TAIWAN – Jan/Aug 2016 – “Lets Dance!” Animals – Chimei Museum – Tainan, Taiwan.
FRANCE – January 2016 – “Masques” – TwentyTwo Gallery – Lyon, France.
UNITED KINGDOM – December 2014 – Columbia Road Arts Gallery – London, UK.
MONACO – April 2014 – “As Human As…” – Carre Dor Gallery – Monaco, Monaco.
CANADA – March 2014 – Hotel Meridien Montreal – Montreal, Canada.
CAMBODIA – November 2013 – 9th Angkor Photo Festival – Siem Reap, Cambodia.
JAPAN – Octover 2013 – UltraSuperNew Gallery + Subject Matter – Tokyo, Japan.
SPAIN – December 2012 – “San Sebastian 56/88” – F. Arte y Desarrollo – Madrid, Spain.

Adobe (United States) via Goodby Silverstein & Partners, Apple (United States), Workman (United States), The Bodyshop (UK), NMBS (Belgium), Big Sur (Chile), Time Out (UK), Lavalin (Canada), Queensland Tourism & Events, LAGOM Design (UK), Evermade (UK), Saint Noir (Germany), Annabel Trends (Australia), Fessura (Korea), Blik (United States), SCNB (Switzerland), Nordika (France), Blue Vert (France), Hamas Worldwide (Brazil), The Shopping Night (Spain), Haag Marketing (Germany), NYSU Films (Spain), NOOK Architects (Spain), Asallam Films (Spain) and DDT fx (Spain) with The Skin I Live In (P.Almodóvar), The Impossible (J.A. Bayona), Insensibles (J.C. Medina) and XP3D (Sergi Vizcaíno).​​​​​​​
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