Ornamante - Digital Photo
Portraits and compositions created for ornamante.com
Wind & Fire - Digital Photo
Zoo Portraits - Digital Illustration Project
The project is based on three key areas: The dissemination of information about nature and the animal kingdom, the underlying values of protection/conservation, and art.
Giant - Digital Photo
Child Nightmares - Digital Illustration Project
The Bodyshop | Christmas worldwide campaign 2016-17
Advert campaign - Digital Illustration and design
Martian Landers - Digital Illustration Project
Adobe | Cannes Lions 2018
Adobe’s campaign at the Cannes Lions Festival 2018. Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners
Advertising - Concept lion characters - Digital Illustration
La piel que habito (The skin I live in) mask
Conceptual mask designs for the film "The skin I live in", by Pedro Almodóvar.
Outsiders / Urban Portraits - Digital Photo
Wild Beasts – Big Cat - Music video postproduction - Animal Integrations
Music Videos Director - Director & Creative concept
Portraits - Digital Photo
The Shopping Night Barcelona 16/17
With Josep Maria Pou, Cristina Brondo, David Verdaguer and Álex Maruny
Photographer/Director - Fashion Advertising Project
Hell - Digital Photo Project
Lobo de Crin - Digital Illustration Project
Defragmentados - Digital Photo Project
Transfruits - Digital Photo Project
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